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A state-funded collaboration between the Delaware Department of Education and the University of Delaware Library providing online magazines, journals, encyclopedias and training for all Delaware K-12 public schools

School Visits to UD Library: Policies

Visiting the University of Delaware Library

The University of Delaware Library welcomes educators at all levels (pre-K through college) to visit the UD Library and use its educational resources. In addition to the UDLib/SEARCH databases, there are a number of online resources and research guides that provide information about general and subject-specific library resources. Librarians are available to discuss with educators library resources that are best suited for student research assignments.

Educators may bring their students to the Library for independent exploration of library resources; however, students must be adequately chaperoned. The UD Library is not staffed at a level that allows for direct instruction to K-12 students.  Exceptions may be made for advanced assignments requiring university-level resources.

Preregistering Library Visits:

K-12 Educators who would like to schedule a visit to the Morris Library are asked to please send the following information to a UDLib/SEARCH Coordinator:

1. The date and time that you would like to bring a group of students to visit the Library
2. The number of students you will bring to the Library
3. The name of the school that the students attend
4. The names of all adult chaperones who will attend (Each adult in your group will need to bring photo ID)

Educators will need to provide the above information 20 days prior to bringing a group of K-12 students to the University of Delaware Library.

Library Policies

Daily Health Check:
Everyone (students, teachers, and chaperones) will need to take the daily health check at before they enter the building.  They have to do it on the day of the visit, and show proof of the results to enter the building.  We usually do it on our phones and show the green check mark that indicates that we have no symptoms of COVID to the person at the Welcome Desk.  The test can be done and the results printed off as an alternative.  Some people show the printout to the person at the Welcome Desk, but the test has to have the date of the visit on it to be valid.

Mask Policy:
Everyone is required to wear a mask in the building at all times.  If students need to eat during their visit, they should leave the main library area, and go to “The Nest,” which is the small eatery at the entrance of the library.  Students can bring water bottles and they may lift their mask long enough to drink water while in the building.

Educators must preregister their groups prior to their visit and upon arrival check in at the Welcome Desk.

Borrowing Books:
Students will be unable to check out library books, but parents or teachers may purchase a Public Borrower card at the Circulation and Reserve Desk in the Morris Library.

Personal Items:
Please do not leave personal items unattended while conducting research.

Students Exiting the Library/Lunch Break

While visiting the Library, students are required to have an adult from their group sign them in and out at the turnstiles each time they leave the Library.  That usually occurs if the students want to leave the Library and go to the small café, known as The Nest, that is at the entrance of the building. If the students need to take a lunch break at some point during the visit, you may want to have the students meet one of the chaperones near the entrance gate at a designated time so that the entire group can go to lunch at one time rather than the adults having to sign students in and out one at a time throughout the visit.

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Middle and High Schools Coordinator
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