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A state-funded collaboration between the Delaware Department of Education and the University of Delaware Library providing online magazines, journals, encyclopedias and training for all Delaware K-12 public schools

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Identifies databases that allow searching by reading level

Searching by Reading Lexile

All of the SIRS databases and many of the Gale databases allow for searching by Reading Lexile.  You must be on the advanced search screen to limit search results to a certain lexile range.

Gale & SIRS Lexile Table

Grade Lexile Range
1 200-400
2 300-500
3 500-700
4 650-850
5 750-950
6 850-1050
7 950-1075
8 1000-1100
9 1050-1150
10 1100-1200
11 & 12 1100-1300

Obtaining Search Results by Reading Level

All of the databases in the "Searching by Reading Lexile" box in the left column allow you to limit search results by reading levels such as basic, intermediate, and advanced, or by reading lexile.  To limit search results by reading level, you must use the advance search screen in each database. 

Sorting Search Results by Reading Lexile or Reading Level:

The databases listed in the "Searching by Reading Lexile" box also allow you to sort results by reading level if you have completed a search without having selected a reading level prior to entering your search terms.   For instance, in the SIRS databases, the sort option allows you to sort by lexiles from low to high or high to low.  The sort option in the Gale databases allows you to sort by "Content Level."


The following icons are used to identify reading levels in the Gale databases. For a more detailed description of the content levels, please read this handout. 

Gale Databases Gale Content Level Icons for Reading Categories

In Context: Biography

In Context: Elementary School

In Context: Opposing Viewpoints

In Context Middle School

In Context: Science

Student Resources in Context

In Context: U.S. History

In Context: World History


Both SIRS Discoverer and SIRS Issues Researcher have an advanced search screen that allows users to search for content by lexile range.

Early Readers

PebbleGo databases allow early readers to click pictures of interest and have brief articles read aloud. The four PebbleGo databases listed below have educational content written at a PreK-2nd grade reading level.


PebbleGo Next databases have educational content written at the 3rd-5th grade reading level.


Adjusting the Reading Level of an Article in Britannica School

Articles in Britannica Elementary School, Britannica Middle School, and Britannica High School can be adjusted to fit the needs of your students.  Within Britannica School, level 1 represents articles written at the elementary school reading level, level 2 represents articles written at the middle school level, and level 3 represents articles written at the high school reading level.  Click the appropriate number to adjust the reading level of the article.

Britannica Reading Levels

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