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Cultures and Holidays: Home

Information in UDLib/SEARCH databases about world cultures and events.

Chinese New Year


Holidays may be researched by looking up individual holidays in the encyclopedia databases. For a more general look at holidays, use the following databases:

  • Kids InfoBits--Use the term "holidays" in the search box, then use the link "Related Subjects" and "Narrower Terms" to identify specific holidays.
  • SIRS Discoverer--Use the icon link to "Cultures" and use the subtopics box on the right of the results list to select "Holidays, Ceremonies & Observances."
  • Gale Student Resources in Context--Use the "Browse Topics" method to select the category "World Cultures and Religion." Under any selected country or culture, use the "View more" link to open up the main essay.  There is a table of contents to the right side of the text that includes the category "Major Holidays."
  • SIRS Renaissance--Use the Renaissance part of the Knowledge Source "Topic Browse" to locate the category "Culture" and look for "Festivals."

Cultures and Holidays found in Encyclopedias

The basic Encyclopedias are often a good source for information aboout countries, their cultures and holidays. Look up a particular country or the name of a people to locate appropriate articles. Many international holidays are also listed as subjects.

Databases with Information about Cultures

Most databases have a Cultures section in the tables of contents or link icons under their browse features. It is usually just a few clicks away to identify countries, peoples, and their cultures.

Kids InfoBits has the topic "Ethnic Groups" under the browse link History & Social Studies. Look also for "Anthropology and cultures," "Ethnic Foods," and "Holidays" under the browse link Social Studies.

SIRS Discoverer has sections on both Countries and Cultures.  The former has information about specific countries and regions.  The latter has topics like Artifacts, Folklore, Food & Drink, Holidays, and Religions. Be sure to also check out the Country Facts section for information about a specific place.

Student Resources in Context has a link to World Cultures and Religion from the Browse Topics menu bar at the top of the main page. Check also individual countries and regions under the Geography link.

SIRS Knowledge Source has a Topic Browse feature that leads to a list of featured subject areas in each of the three included databases. Use the "Human Relations" link under SIRS Issues Researcher for the subject Ethnic Groups or the "Culture" link under SIRS Renaissance for several related subjects, such as Festivals, Popular Culture, etc. There is also a subject "Philosophy and Religion" under SIRS Renaissance.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context has a section on "Society and Culture" that includes controversial issues within modern societies.

Discovering Collection allows searches by popular topics, including Religion and Women's Rights, but it also includes a "Cultures" icon on the bottom left, under the search box. This leads to a listing of "topic trees" that include countires, peoples, and ethnicities.

Expanded Academic ASAP has a Subject Guide Search, which allows entry of subject terms for a list of related subject areas. For example, if you put in the topic "World cultures," you get a drop down listing of suggested topics. You can also use the keywoord search method to find articles on a particular culture. There is similar searching capability in General OneFile and General Reference Center Gold.

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