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A state-funded collaboration between the Delaware Department of Education and the University of Delaware Library providing online magazines, journals, encyclopedias and training for all Delaware K-12 public schools

Pro/Con Analysis: Home

There are many UDLib/SEARCH databases that can be used to gather information for pro/con analysis.

Opposing Viewpoints

Opposing Viewpoints helps students explore and understand today’s headline-grabbing issues and enduring controversies.  This database contains 417 topic overviews, pro/con viewpoints,videos, podcasts, and streaming audio, image galleries, national and global news sources, full-text articles from authoritative sources, interactive maps and statistical information, more than 12,500 charts and graphs.




SIRS Knowledge Source

Sirs Knowledge Source contains 470 pro/con topics.



After the central question is stated, pro and con sides are explained with links to supporting articles.  In the Research Tools Section of each topic, SIRS Knowledge Source also provides links to a topic overview, a timeline of events, the global impact of the topic, an analysis section (in the form of an online tutor named Ms. Rojas) and an online notes organizer.





Additional resources are made available in the Narrow Your Results section.

The My Analysis section of writing a pro/con report covers picking a topic, developing basic knowledge, separating facts and opinions, writing a thesis statement, using supporting evidence, and applying your knowledge.


SIRS Discoverer

SIRS Discoverer contains simplified pro con analysis reports.


SIRS Discoverer provides a topic overview for each pro/con issue.

SIRS Discoverer presents an essential question for each pro/con issue along with topic terms and definitions.

Links to articles with additional viewpionts are included.

Engaging visual literacy graphics and critical thinking questions are part of each report.

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